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Management Contracting

Contraction Management and Client Collaboration 


At Kingsrock Construction we prefer to collaborate with our clients and offer a Management Contact service rather than the traditional Main Contractor.  This provides the client with complete transparency and honesty which follows our company core values. This is how it works

Management Contracting

Unlike a traditional or design and build procurement, the Management Contractor is not required to carry out any construction works but instead is paid a fee to manage construction works carried out by others. The Management Contractor in effect provides services and not works. Whilst the Management Contractor enters into and enforces Works Contracts, crucially, they are not responsible for the Works Contractor's performance.

The JCT Management Contract is a form of contract that we rarely see used, particularly when compared to the traditional or design and build forms. Nevertheless it remains an alternative form of procurement on projects which require an early start on site prior to completion of the design.

The key elements of the Management Contractor's role are:

  • to develop a programme for construction with the consultant team and help with costings and tender arrangements

  • to let the works competitively in works packages and to enter into works contracts with the works contractors

  • to enforce the works contracts

  • to ensure that the project is carried out in a proper, economical and expeditious manner, and

  • not to carry out design, but to supervise the works contractors' submission of design through the design submission procedure set out in the contract.

These management contracts are used not only by large companies but also by individuals who want nothing more than someone to look after their property developments, these management contracts are beneficial to all parties involved.

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